Refund policy

When customers have any sort of issue with their product they can contact us (  Usually these issues can be resolved through some assistance.  Please do not throw away or in any other way destroy the item until we have had the chance to talk.  Taking pictures of any issues you feel that you have would be appreciated and give us a greater understanding of what is going on.

If something cannot be resolved and it is only fair to issue a refund, then it shall be issued.

Time Period

From the time of delivery, as a customer, you have 30 calendar days to initiate a return.  Sometimes products are no longer sold or have been modified from the time they originally were produced rendering the return useless.  As most companies, we must set a return date to realize our total sales from the time period and report them accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding!


We spend a good amount of time procuring media for our products.  What you see is truly what you get if you install it like we suggest.  Please visit our product pages for helpful tips and many times videos.  Should the item be correctly represented and you still want to return it, it must be in the same condition we mailed it to you.  You may not alter the product without our permission.  You may not use half or a portion of a single product and attempt to return the extras we provide for a full refund.  This ultimately leaves us with less than a full set to issue to another customer.  Some items may be subject to a restocking fee especially if they appear used or installed.

Should it be no fault of ours that you want to return an item, you must ship it to:

ATTN: Returns (order number)
13240 N. Cleveland Ave Ste 6
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Please contact us via our contact form first before initiating a return.  We want to be ready for the return but also have the opportunity to clear up any possible misunderstandings.  Thank you.


While we respect your right to make cancellations, there are a couple of things we ask you to consider.  Our fulfillment team is not our support team.  If they reach your order before we can read your cancellation request it may be impossible to cancel the order.  At that point you must refer to the returns policy.

Credit card processors (including Shopify and Paypal) have recently made changes where they will not refund credit card transaction fees even when you offer a full refund.  For this reason, if you make a cancellation at no fault to us, we ask that you pay these fees.  Along with the labor required to cancel your order, we will never get back the fees that were charged to us.