VW Golf R Logo Emblem for Weathertech All Weather Floor Mats (Single) - Volkswagen

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VW Golf R Weathertech Floor Mat Emblems


  • Most people will purchase two (2) for front mats.  Rear mats do not have a place for emblems.
  • Trunk liner uses one (1) emblem.  Purchase three (3) to cover an entire vehicle that is equipped with at least front mats and a trunk liner.

These domed emblems are easy to install.  You can get both done in about 2 minutes!  Adhesive backed and shipped with a protective layer on top. The look will be similar to the original, but with a much more OEM like logo.


Simply peel off the original and stick these on.   We recommend that you bring the temperature of the floor mats, and emblems to at least 70 degrees before applying. Just because your home is 70 degrees or more, it does not necessarily mean that the mats and logos are.   

If you press the emblems down and it is cold, the adhesive becomes unusable even if you bring it up to a higher temperature.  Using light heat from a hair dryer can activate the adhesive before application.

Make sure that the surface is free from dirt and debris.  Do not clean the area with protectants like Armor All.  Doing this ensures that the emblem will stick properly.

Some logos have adhesive that is so strong, it might rip the backing paper.  If this happens to you, slide an exacto or box knife in between the paper and adhesive to expose it.

NOTE: The installed pictures might come from various cars / customers. This fits all Weathertech Mats. So it works with ANY vehicle.

Customer Reviews

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DC (Bloomington, IL, US)
Nice Design

The image and design look great. Very good quality. Looks like it’s a factory Golf R product. Only complaint is the emblem is about an 1/8th inch too long to properly fit on my mats.

Jonathan Chen (Toronto, ON, CA)

VW Golf R Logo Emblem for Weathertech All Weather Floor Mats (Single) - Volkswagen

Steve (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Looks great

Inexpensive, great turn around, looks fantastic.

Donald Johnson (Medford, OR, US)
Great but be careful

They bend easily so be careful and once they’re stuck they’re on there good. Shoutout to customer service for sending a free replacement out. Thanks!

Augustus Oakes (Tinley Park, IL, US)
Excellent - perfect OEM look for weathertech

These look amazing and make the weathertechs look OEM spec - nicely done !

Michael Sturt (New Orleans, LA, US)

So glad I randomly found this company on Instagram. I had disliked the weather tech logos since getting my mats and always said I would one day find a company I could get custom stickers made. BUT NO NEED! Perfect fit and does exactly what I wanted. So glad I found this!

Colton Mayo (Sparks, MD, US)
High Quality

Apply in warm temperature with at least 48 hrs to form a good bond at room temp. I had to take my mats inside and let the decals cure for a few days with the outside temp under 40 degrees, I also wasn't driving everyday to have the temp warm them up though. Very much like the professional look.

Thomas TMW YT @tmw.sixr (Riverton, UT, US)

Price? Cheap! 14$ for 2 which is perfect for both front mats! Quality? Amazing! Looks exactly like the weather tech sticker these replaced. Difficult to install? Uh, I hope you don’t have trouble putting a sticker on lol! Very easy! Fit? Fits perfect! Same size as original weather tech logo sticker. Highly recommend this if you’re like me and removed the weather tech stickers from your mats the moment you got them. Only thing is I wish they had more designs (Ford Focus RS logo my friend asked about). But 5 stars for sure. I don’t often leave reviews, but when I am this happy with a 14$ sticker purchase, I had to.