Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays - 2021-2020 Bronco / Bronco Sport

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Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays

We salute the Ford logo because we're not removing it.  We're just stylizing it to fit our vehicles!

Choose between a few different backgrounds and logo colors to match your other modifications and / or likes.

Color Options

"Background Color" refers to the larger oval in the background.  "Color" refers to the logo color in the foreground.  This includes the smaller oval outline and the main logo.  

NOTE: This goes OVER your OEM emblem. You cannot be missing your OEM emblems.   Verified to fit Bronco AND Bronco Sport.


Items you may want to have:

  • Detail Spray (without wax)
  • Microfiber Towel or Paper Towel
  • Dish with soapy water (drop of dish soap + 1-2 cups of water)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

    Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Do not use a spray with any type of wax in it.


    A wet installation is recommended.  Use slightly soapy water on the back of the vinyl.  This will allow you to move the vinyl around and find the correct alignment.  Once aligned, use your fingers to push out the water/air.  Use light heat as needed to make sure that the overlay does not crease and adheres properly to the OEM emblem.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    TG3 (Oakton, VA, US)
    Quality look and feel!

    Proper installation takes a little patience and steady hands. Once lined up it adheres nicely and looks great.

    Staci Freudiger (Shawnee, KS, US)
    Upgrade from other vinyl overlay

    Buy it! You won’t regret it. Nothing against Ford but this is the only chrome on my entire Bronco Sport.
    This vinyl overlay is excellent quality, love that StickerFab sends 2 and the installation video was helpful. Highly recommend this product!

    Eli Serrapica (Bradenton, FL, US)

    Works great

    Phil Olsen (Riverton, UT, US)
    Ford logo matte black with with gloss black letters

    High quality product. Looks amazing and easy to install. Needed a blow dryer to get all the edges flat. I love the look!!

    Jennifer Kennedy (Chandler, TX, US)
    Happy Purchaser

    Stickers fit perfectly in their spots, look great, and so happy it came with extras in case I messed up. Very happy with my purchase, and ordered more items from the store after I received my first shipment.

    Tricia (St. Stephen, NB, CA)
    Nice touch!

    My husband loves the Bronco but not the Ford emblem so this was a perfect addition!

    Christine Bates (Minneapolis, MN, US)
    Ford Bronco oval emblem

    I give the Oval Overlay Five Stars without a doubt!
    Can’t wait to install it…It’s going to look sweet on my blacked out Outer Banks Bronco.

    Jason Trickett (Latrobe, PA, US)

    Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays - 2021 Bronco