3D Carbon WRX V2 Steering Wheel Lower Overlay - 2015-2021 WRX

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V2 WRX Full Steering Wheel Overlay

These are great as a first mod or as a last touch to your vehicle. Cover up the silver or black trim (depending on your model year) with these textured 3D carbon overlays.

Designed to work best with OEM steering wheels. Aftermarket steering wheels will leave a little more of the trim exposed, but you should still have a small, clean, silver line at the bottom.

NOTE:  Includes 2 full pairs. Use 1 as a backup. Trim piece not included. This is a vinyl overlay only.

Material Details

Dragon Wrap™ Carbon Fiber Film is a 5.6 mil calendered vinyl film featuring a clear repositionable permanent acrylic adhesive on an air-egress liner. This film has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding durability and outdoor performance. This repositionable permanent adhesive offers minimal initial bond growing to permanent bonds that facilitates application of large graphics. The air egress liner also aids in large graphic application.

Lasts up to 5 years outdoors.

Care Details: Concept Carbon Fiber film should be maintained to preserve long term appearance using standard aftercare products designed for textured exterior vinyl surfaces. A commercially available protectant such as Armor All or 303 Aerospace Protectant is recommended. DO NOT use waxes of any type.

Installation Notes

Clean the application area and make sure it is clear of any dirt, debris, and/or Armor All. You will want a hair dryer or heat gun for this installation. Only a small amount of heat at time will need to be applied. Remember that if it is hot enough to burn you, then it is most likely too much heat for the vinyl.

Apply the center overlay with the logo first. It should cover the center area of the trim completely. The material is forgiving so if you lay it down and it is slightly off, just gently peel it off. Try not to press down or apply 100% until you are sure of the alignment.

Be sure to take a good look at our photos. Align the larger piece just like our photos. Press down in the center. Now work on one side at a time. You want to cover the top portion of the trim completely. If you have an aftermarket steering wheel, you will see a small silver line at the bottom where the trim changes angles. As long as you cover the top of the trim just enough it should reach the edges. You can stretch the material slightly too.

Once you get one side done, do the other side. Use heat if the material feels like it is going to bunch of. Gently heating the material will let you stretch it so it doesn't crease.

After the ends are done you can apply a little heat in the center and press the remaining portions down. Be sure to press it down enough to leave the entire logo exposed.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler (Norristown, PA, US)

3D Carbon WRX V2 Steering Wheel Lower Overlay - 2015-2021 WRX

Anny Ramirez (Charlotte, NC, US)
3D Carbon WRX V2 Steering Wheel Lower Overlay

Was very impressed how good it looks and sticks extremely well !! I loved it how I messed up a few times took it off and it still stuck back on

Leonardo Zelaya (Dallas, TX, US)

Love the transformation it gave to the steering wheel

Dino Lavadia (Surrey, BC, CA)

Only thing i would suggest is to make the letters bolder. Fitting was great.