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Use our contact form below to reach us about your order or inquiries on products.  Include any information which could be helpful to us like order number, vehicle make / model, and/or links to products.  Calling is the least preferred method as we are usually busy filling orders or answering e-mails.

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NOTE:  Our staff is currently very busy and they play mutliple rolls, such as fulfillment.  Leaving a text or using the e-mail / form is the best method of contact us we usually need photos and / or video to assist.  We also share links which is difficult to do over the phone.



Most of our products have instructions and many have installation videos on the product page. The page that you used to add the item to your cart. Please start there.



This is because your package is in transit and will be arriving late. In all seriousness, since COVID mail has been slow and over utilized. They have been downgrading mail services and with the influx of packages, they get misrouted more. If you have not seen an update to the last tracking entry in 5 days, please message us. Initially we were sending out a replacement too early and customers were receiving both packages.



Honestly between 70-90 degrees with 24 full hours to cure is the best. If it is warmer on the warmer side (75+), please keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight. The extra heat will make the vinyl too warm. It will stretch easily and stick quicker, not allowing you to move it around and adjust the alignment.

If you're in colder weather, we recommend that you install it in a warm garage. Used control heat like a hair dryer or heat gun in small amounts. Interior items can be installed after the vinyl and car has warmed up. Go on a short trip. Try to create the optimal environment. Many of our install videos have additional recommendations.



These items are printed by us in specific colors. This is usually to match exterior or interior colors already found on a vehicle.

Almost every listing that has a printed series also has a normal listing. Those colors are made of off the shelf vinyl.