Smoked or Black Out Headlight Overlays V2 - 2015-2021 WRX / STI

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Subaru WRX Smoked Headlight Reflector Overlays (Light or Dark)

NOTE: This is an overlay and not headlight housings.

Some customers requested that a slightly more complex overlay be made versus our original that just covers the orange reflector. This one extends over the top slightly over the top (eyebrow). Comes with a pair of overlays (left / right).

Please look at the pictures closely to see how they are installed and follow the instructions below. Dark smoke is what is seen in the photos of just the headlight housing. Light smoke is about half the darkness of this.


Wet installation highly recommended. These are ONLY available in light smoke and dark smoke. They are more resistant to power washing / automatic car washes. They are still removable if done slowly and on purpose. Hair dryer or heat gun recommended. Clean the surface of the head light. Place the material down in the corner closest to the door and work your way towards the front. Use a wet installation. A water / soap mix is the best. This allows you to slide it into position. Use your fingers or something very soft to squeegee out bubbles. Best to allow the vehicle to remain in the sun for some time. Once dry it is okay to power wash or run through an automatic car wash. You can use light heat from a hairdryer to help you dry out the water and encourage the vinyl to go exactly where you want it. DO NOT use too much heat. If it is burning your hand, it might burn the vinyl.

Customer Reviews

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William Heard (Charlottesville, VA, US)
Easy peasy

Just a little patience and a supply of soapy water and it goes on beautifully. Doing it in the winter when it's dry was helpful. Doing it when the sun on the car is also helpful as long as the car is not too hot.

Logan R (Everett, WA, US)
Easy install!

Very simple. Micro bubbles go away after some time. Good look overall!