Printed Series Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays (Full Print) - 2021-2022 Bronco / Bronco Sport

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Printed Series Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays (Full Print)

Please help us with new ideas for the oval as we make our transition to custom products that replace the factory branding.

Full printing allows us to make custom colors with a lot more ease than off the shelf vinyl.  

NOTE:  We have either gone to a dealership or surveyed customers by sending them color swatches to create these options.  This is the closest that we can get to the named colors by printing.  Each vehicle is sampled in a few locations in and out of the sun to obtain the best results.  These do have an overlaminate to protect against UV and other elements.

Finish Options

Our protective overlaminate not only increases durability and resistance to UV rays, it also gives us the options of making the vinyl glossy or matte in appearance.

NOTE: This goes OVER your OEM emblem. You cannot be missing your OEM emblems.   Verified to fit Bronco AND Bronco Sport.


Items you may want to have:

  • Detail Spray (without wax)
  • Microfiber Towel or Paper Towel
  • Dish with soapy water (drop of dish soap + 1-2 cups of water), StickerFab Application Fluid preferred
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

    Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Do not use a spray with any type of wax in it.


    A wet installation is recommended.  Use slightly soapy water on the back of the vinyl.  This will allow you to move the vinyl around and find the correct alignment.  Once aligned, use your fingers to push out the water/air.  Use light heat as needed to make sure that the overlay does not crease and adheres properly to the OEM emblem.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    James Stempien (Potomac, MD, US)
    Great product - great company!

    I genuinely love all my sticker fab products that I ordered for my 2022 bronco. The cyber orange color match is spot on and the fact that they give you two of each decal is a lifesaver

    Eric Griffin (Chambersburg, PA, US)
    Easy to install and looks great

    Super easy and color matches perfect!

    Kyle Anderson (Halifax, NS, CA)

    I love it more than a human baby!
    Easy to use.

    Joseph McGranahan (Pflugerville, TX, US)

    Printed Series Ford Bronco Oval Emblem Overlays (Full Print) - 2021-2022 Bronco / Bronco Sport

    Destin Raybun
    Decent but stick to backing

    The seal plates were good the Ford emblem cover was good I haven’t done the grill yet the lettering on the dashboard was quite difficult I thought it filled in the whole letter but it doesn’t take action also the bronco emblems for the fenders are a lot smaller than I thought and I had a real hard time with them not tearing and ripping conversation on the backing that they came on rather than sticking to the paint

    Richard Hodgkiss (San Diego, CA, US)
    Area 51 Ford Emblem for Bronco Sport

    I've done decals before, but this was a little different. Great that you sent an extra. With a little trail and error, I was able to get it on properly. It looks great. This is a great way to dress up you vehicle at a low cost.

    Jonathan (Schenectady, NY, US)
    Product as adu

    I could not find installation instructions but did pretty good. A few lines on my hood cowl but not terribly noticeable. I would definitely order again.

    Chris Reeves (Seattle, WA, US)
    The Best!

    Best vinyl products I've ever purchased. Plan on getting more for my Bronco in the future!