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21 Offroad Seatbelt Retention Buckles (Set of 1 or 3) - 2021+ Bronco 2 / 4 Door

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Seatbelt Retention Buckles

Ever had your seat belt buckles slap the side of your vehicle?  This can happen when the windows are down, top is down, doors are removed, rear seats are down or any combination of those situations.

These seatbelt retention buckles are easy to install and keep the buckle from moving.  Leaves you with a clean look and potentially less noise.

Comes with pre-mounted authentic 3M. 

Extreme Conditions

For customers living in extreme environments (cold, hot, or humid), we recommend purchasing 3M adhesive promoter to apply to the application area prior to installing these.  Use it ONLY in the area of application that will be covered by tape.

NOTE:  2 Door vehicles only come with a passenger side retention buckle for the front (1).  4 Door vehicles comes with passenger front and rear + driver's side rear buckle (3).

Why no retention buckle for the driver?

Put your seatbelt on while you drive.  You'll live longer!


WARNING:  No warranty tape is available if the weather in you area is not above 75 degrees.   A heated garage does not count.  We lived in the north and most people don't heat their homes to 72 even.  Garages tend to be draftier and have more cold spots than interior areas even if heated to a certain temperature.

All pieces are the same so one cannot fail and another not fail. 

No warranty tape will be provided if you do not use 3M adhesive promoter.  While 95% of people will have no problems without it if the heed the cautions noted here, some will choose to install it in less than optimal conditions or choose to try and use the product before it has had 24 hours to bond.

Please watch our video for additional details.

Clean the application area and make sure it is free of dirt, dust, debris, Armor All, etc.  

You may use an isopropyl alcohol wipe to prep the area as well.  For customers living in extreme environments (cold, hot, or humid), we recommend purchasing 3M adhesive promoter to apply to the application area prior to installing these.  Use it ONLY in the area of application that will be covered by tape.

Install in a very warm environment (70-80 degrees) and REFRAIN from use for 24 hours while the bond strengthens.

 After application, the bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows onto the surface (also referred to as “wet out”). At room temperature approximately 50% of ultimate bond strength will be achieved after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours. This flow is faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures. Ultimate bond strength can be achieved more quickly (and in some cases bond strength can be increased) by exposure of the bond to elevated temperatures for 1 hour). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Mike Ritter (Amarillo, TX, US)
21 Offroad Seatbelt Retention Buckles

They work great! Easy to install and takes care of the seatbelt rattling entirely when the top is down. Easy operation and a flawless design. Thanks

Larry Czikra (Clifton, VA, US)
Very cool

Just what I didn’t know I needed. Easy install. Super cool.

Christian Wright (Belle Plaine, MN, US)
Huge value for such a small, simple, inexpensive product.

I was trying to think of a way to keep my rear seatbelts from flapping around when driving with with the top down on our Bronco. After a while I remembered seeing a video online some time ago about a product for this very purpose. So I started searching online and found that same video which lead me to Stickerfab. They're easy as can be to install and do exactly what I expect them to do.

Well worth the little bit of money that they cost. I definitely recommend this product!

Mike T (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Great idea

Stops the annoying seat belt flapping when you have the top down

Mike Newman (Peoria, AZ, US)
Works Perfectly!!

So we had the full top off of our 4 door Bronco and the seat belts did not make any noise… Worked great and I would highly recommend!!

Pedro Delvalle (Tampa, FL, US)
Seatbelt retention buckles

Great product that solves an annoying issue. Ordering and delivery was quick and effortless.

William Duvall
Seat Belt Retention 10/10!

They came fast, and the black look stealthy and functional in my 4 door ford bronco! Can’t wait to try them out with my doors off this summer. Thanks Stickerfab!

Perry (Dublin, CA, US)
Hold on

Nice product overall and great concept! Functions as intended holding unused belts in place and is solidly built. Only gripe was that it is 3D printed and not molded. Hopefully it’ll stand the rest of time!