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21 Offroad Quick Lift Hood Strut (Kit) - 2021+ Bronco

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Quick Lift Hood Strut (Kit)

While the Raptor may come with hood struts, the rest of the lineup has been left with hood props.  This gets the job done, but leaves many wondering if there is a better solution.

That's easy.  The answer is yes!  This simple to install kit is a modification you get installed and put behind you.  You'll get great use out of it especially if you change your own fluids, filters, etc.  Also if you're going to be doing a lot of wiring and other work under the hood.


Installation is simple.  Use the supplied hardware as noted in our video.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lee Stahl (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Easy upgrade.

Every Bronco should have hood struts. This is an easy way to have a part every Bronco should have but doesn’t come with. Installation is quick and easy.

Channing L (Long Beach, CA, US)
Great product not so great instructions

The instructions indicate a 12mm socket wren h when it requires a 13mm socket wrench. The video installation is way better than the enclosed instructions. Throw them away once you open it and go straight to the video! It will save you a bunch of time and eliminate any confusion.

Peter m Brazeau (Poughkeepsie, NY, US)
Good lift

I will not have my Bronco until early April will be glad to update then.

Shawn Perry (Hagerstown, MD, US)
Very easy to Install

These hood struts are a quick and easy install. I initially had a different company’s version and although the install wasn’t difficult, the places that the brackets were placed were not convenient.

MikeAmerica (Fremont, CA, US)
Easier engine access

These struts were easy to install and make it much more convenient to access the engine bay without construction.

Roger Raimo (Putnam Valley, NY, US)
Bronco Accessories

Haven’t installed anything yet. Packaging was great. Got it early! Will install soon! Thanks again!

Alvin Cuevas

Very easy to install, great quality.

Stephen (Enterprise, AL, US)
Should be on every Bronco

Relatively easy install for a very nice upgrade. Works perfectly.