3D Carbon Door Sill Overlay Part 1 (Lower) - 2022+ BRZ / GR86

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3D Carbon Door Sill Overlay Part 1 (Lower)

Here's some more vinyl to protect the soft plastic trim on your 2022+ BRZ or GR86.  The textured 3D Carbon is easy to install with air egress channels and surprisingly durable / scratch resistant.  

Includes isopropyl alcohol wipes (2).

Combinations (please refer to photos when available):

  • BRZ White - White Background with Red BRZ logo (photos coming soon)
  • BRZ Red - Red Background with White BRZ logo (photos coming soon)


Clean the application and surrounding areas prior to applying.  We recommend the following items for installation:

  • Microfiber
  • Detailing Spray 
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer (optional)

Make sure the area is clean and free from any product similar to Armor All.  Pull the rubber and plastic trim behind the application area up slightly.  This will let you pop out the trim piece we are covering.  

Take the trim piece we are applying vinyl to inside.  This will make the installation much easier.  Align and install the material.  Do this using a dry installation as the material is forgiving.  Only when you have proper alignment can you use light heat and pressure to activate the adhesive and make it bond to the trim better.


Reinstall when finished.  If you are purchasing our color inserts, you can install these using a wet install.  Apply soapy water (1 cup of water with a drop of dish soap) or use our StickerFab Application Fluid to wet the back of the vinyl.  

Align and then push out the soapy water or application fluid.  Allow to dry and use light heat if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyler Jordan (Zephyrhills, FL, US)

Definitely pull your doorsills off to apply the sticker.
They want just a little stretch to fit properly, so go slow and keep tension. The skinny side is really tricky because it stretches a lot easier than the top.
The center insert is slightly undersized. I would prefer if it went all the way to the edge, covering the entirety of the silver inlay.

Dan Reyes (Fayetteville, NC, US)
Door sill overlay

Easy install

Mocoso (Berwyn, IL, US)
Great quality and easy installation

Fast shipping easy installation with help of the YouTube video on the website. It does help with protecting scratches you might make in the future when entering and exiting your car. Makes the car stand out with the quality of the product and I absolutely love it.

Nicolangelo Ulli (Rome, 62, IT)

3D Carbon Door Sill Overlay Part 1 (Lower) - 2022 BRZ / GR86