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Picatinny Accessory Rail V1 (13 Slot, Optional Phone or GoPro Mount) - 2021+ Bronco

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Picatinny Accessory Rail (13 Slot, Optional Phone Mount)

Picatinny rails are versatile for mounting a number of devices including phones and video devices.  The possibilities are endless.  Search Amazon or Google for Go Pro mounts for instance.

NOTE:  Due to supply chain issues, if you order the phone mount, the actual swivel base may be silver instead of black in the photos.  If you do not want it in silver, please do not order until this message disappears.  Thank you for your understanding.

Swivel mount may not support phones with over 6.1" screens.  The weight can place enough tension on the mount that it slowly begins to angle downwards.

Does not support long extension arms.

Right now here are the options we are offering:

  • Main mount with pre-installed picatinny 13 slot rail.  Bring your own accessories.
  • Phone mount ONLY with magnetic mount (includes metal plates for accessories).  Requires a rail system.
  • GoPro mount ONLY.  Requires a rail system.
  • Main mount with pre-installed picatinny 13 slot rail AND phone mount with magnetic mount (includes metal plates for accessories).
  • Main mount with pre-installed picatinny 13 slot rail AND GoPro mount.

NOTE:  We NO LONGER need to know if you have a center channel speaker or not.


You will need an Allen wrench to install your mount.  If you only have the main mount, you are supplied with 1 screw.  Should you choose the phone mount, it will come with another screw.

NOTE:  Only tighten bolts as much as is needed to stop movement of the mounts. We trust that you're a strong person and can crank things down until they break, but that's not necessary. 

Please watch our video for information.  Towards the end we cover the mounting.

    Update 12/8/2021


    Information and Installation of Swivel Mount

    This video includes additional information for the swivel phone mount.  Be sure to not push down on the magnet portion when mounting.  Only place force on the base to prevent damage to the swivel collar.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Yanina Cuesta (East Hampton, NY, US)
    Good product

    I've only had the rail for two weeks now but was easy to install. Only concern I had was that the magnet for the phone would not remain attached to the phone. It seems that the sticky material was not strong enough. Everytime I placed the phone on the dash it would fall off within minutes...again, no problems with the actual mount just the magnet for the phone. I ended up using crazy glue and now have no problems. Can't wait to get a GoPro then I can have them both on the dashboard.

    Kenneth Norman (Houston, TX, US)

    Picatinny Accessory Rail V1 (13 Slot, Optional Phone or GoPro Mount) - 2021+ Bronco

    Scott Ralph (Stockton, CA, US)

    Picatinny Accessory Rail (13 Slot, Optional Phone or GoPro Mount) - 2021+ Bronco

    Richard Gordon (Danville, CA, US)
    Picatinny rail

    Awesome must have for the price!

    Robert Cook (Northport, AL, US)
    Rail assembly with GoPro mount

    I just received it. Seems very light weight. I thought it would be metal but instead it's plastic and not very heavy duty. It will do the job but I don't know how well. Was going to use it for camera and radio mount. May not be big or sturdy enough. I will amend review as I use it.

    John brown (Palm Bay, FL, US)
    accessory rail

    the rail is pretty good, but my phone is to heavy to hold horizonal, works good in the vertical position.

    Todd Fauth (Manchester, PA, US)
    Accessory rail for Bronco

    Easy install, so far so good! Matte or flat black might go more with interior but good quality and holds my galaxy phone perfectly. Will be getting the gopro mount also.

    Reviewer avatar
    Joseph Bader (Girard, KS, US)
    Easy, beautiful and useful!

    StickerFab staff was very helpful. Love the picatinny design! Will add Go-Pro mount soon!