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BuiltRight Stubby Perfect Fit Antenna - 2021+ Bronco / 2021+ F-150 / 2021+ Super Duty

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BuiltRight Stubby Perfect Fit Antenna

Tired of that big long antenna flopping everywhere and hitting stuff on the trails?  BuiltRight has a made in America solution to your problems.  Plus it just looks better.

  • Replace your unsightly stock radio antenna with our stout and stubby billet aluminum piece
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum, blasted, engraved and anodized
  • Engraving of our logo is done before anodizing for a very subtle look
  • Antennas and stainless steel threaded studs are assembled before packaging using permanent thread-locker
  • Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty 
  • If out of stock, please consider our 21 Offroad Shortie Antenna

Finally, a stubby antenna designed specifically for your 2021+ F-150, Super Duty and Bronco. Gone are the days of buying a universal stubby antenna that’s too big or too small. The BuiltRight Perfect-Fit Antennas are designed with the antenna base of your specific vehicle in mind.

There is simply no contest - this is the best Bronco stubby antenna and the best F-150 stubby antenna in one.


  • 2021 - 2022 Ford F-150
  • 2022+ Ford Super Duty
  • 2021+ Ford Bronco


Many other antennas are advertised as being 'theft proof' because the manufacture includes thread locking compound to be used with installation. We can't overstate this - DO NOT USE THREAD LOCKER WHEN INSTALLING AN ANTENNA. We have seen horrific damage done to truck by thieves trying to steal an antenna or by owners trying to remove an antenna installed with Loctite or similar. Neither of these are worth the $20 something dollars it costs to replace a stolen antenna

*** This product is not intended to be a higher-performing replacement for the factory antenna. It is recommended for use if you have a strong signal with the stock antenna ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
VJ (Seattle, WA, US)
Works well

Works as well as the whip and doesn’t hit on things overhead.

Ray Bush (Winchester, KY, US)
BuiltRight Stubby Perfect Fit Antenna

Works better than other stubby antenna's I've tried but not as good as the factory part. My '22 Bronco does look better with this version so I've decided to keep it mounted...and keep the stock piece in the back just in case I need the best reception!

juan sanchez (Los Angeles, CA, US)
fits well, looks good

this fits well and looks good, but i did lose a little range/reception strength for FM radio feed.

josh farrugia (Whitmore Lake, MI, US)

Does the job and looks cooler

Kim Fisher (Latrobe, PA, US)
looks better

was never something I thought about changing til I seen it, was super easy to swap out and I think it looks better.