Special Edition Dark Smoke Honeycomb Tail Light Overlays - 2015-2021 WRX / STI

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Special Edition Dark Smoke Honeycomb Tail Light Overlays

This material is not cheap!  It's made with pride in the USA and then trimmed down in the USA to fit your vehicle.

It does allow light to pass through while still giving you dark honeycomb pattern.  If unique is what you want, unique is what you'll get.

They're easy to install and can surprisingly transform the look of your vehicle.  Match these with LED bulbs, and it will look even better!


Clean and wet the surface of the overlay and the tail light using of a mixture of soap (1 drop of dishwasher soap) and water can help you align the piece. Place it in the appropriate area and squeegee the water out with your fingers. This will prevent damage to the surface of the overlay. Allow 24 hours for the overlay to fully stick to the tail light. Once completely dry, they will hold up in automatic car washes and against most power washing.