Special Edition Sidemarker Overlays - 2020+ Supra

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Special Edition Sidemarker Overlays

Sticker Fab has distributed over 20,000 vinyl products in the last few years! This new platform will be a great canvas for their accents and protection items.

Sold as a set of four (left front / right front / left rear / right rear). 

Knock out the orange and red sidemarker with some dark smoke overlays.  These special edition items are crafted from material made in the USA.  They are ultra high quality, but a little expensive.  No worries because these patterns are custom cut by StickerFab so installation is rather easy.

Dark Smoke Stealth - Just like normal dark smoke, but with air egress channels for easy install and a matte appearance.

Dark Smoke Carbon - Carbon fiber appearance, but with air egress channels and lets light shine through.

Dark Smoke Honeycomb - Dark gloss appearance, when light is reflected off of the reflector, you will be able to see the honeycomb weave.

Dark Smoke Galaxy - Gloss appearance with a heavy saturation of pearl effect.  Emits various colors when reflecting light.


NOTE: The longer sidemarker overlays are for the rear.

Clean the application area and make sure it is clear of any dirt, debris, and ideally wax. Having a hair dryer or heat gun handy can aide in installation, but we've been able to install this without either in the middle of winter. Start at the top of the sidemarker, align the vinyl there and work your way toward the bottom. You can use a wet installation if you want, however this is also not required. When you do not use a wet installation you need to be sure there is absolutely no dirt or it will get stuck in between the sidemarker and vinyl with no way out. The hair dryer or heat gun would be used to dry out the water after install. Just make sure that it is not too hot of air. If it can burn you it is probably too hot for drying out the vinyl.

Customer Reviews

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TR Supra
Looks great!!

Very easy to put on and offers a dramatic appearance change for a good price. I thought expensive body colored replacements were the only way to go, but after taking the chance on the overlays, I’m glad I did. I do recommend using a little heat to finalize the install..preferably a hair dryer if you are inexperienced with a heat gun.

Jason (San Antonio, TX, US)
Side marker overlays

They work as intended. Great product

ramzi nijem (South San Francisco, CA, US)
Easy way to change the look

Good quality, easy installation and instant difference in look. Would recommend for people who want subtle changes and don’t want to pay or wait for parts.

C. Halladay (Seattle, WA, US)
Great Product

I got the "carbon" sidemarker overlays and they're well made, perfectly sized, and easy to put on. They look great and I'm very happy with the results.