V2 License Plate Panel Black Out Overlay - 2015-2020 Subaru WRX / STI

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StickerFab 3D Carbon License Plate Panel Overlays - 2015-2020 Subaru WRX / STI

Wow, here's an affordable way to change up the rear end of your vehicle.  This area also seems to catch a lot of dust which sometimes leaves small rust spots.  Keep it protected with this large vinyl piece.

What's changed from the original is that it only includes the inner portion.  This area is flatter so the install is easier.  With less material, the cost has come down a bit also!

Not All Materials are Created Equally

When purchasing vinyl overlays, keep in mind that not all materials are created equally. I use premium vinyl which has high initial costs, but are the industry standards for high quality materials. Also made in the USA. Dragon Wrap™ Carbon Fiber Films (3D Carbon) is a 5.6 mil calendered vinyl film featuring a clear repositionable permanent acrylic adhesive on an air-egress liner. This film has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding durability and outdoor performance. This repositionable permanent adhesive offers minimal initial bond growing to permanent bonds that facilitates application of large graphics. The air egress liner also aids in large graphic application. Minimum application temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to 5 year durability outdoors. Rated EXCELLENT for WATER RESISTANCE, HUMIDITY RESISTANCE, and SOLVENT RESISTANCE. 


Soapy water is required for installation. Please see the photo of how much soap we used on the back of the vinyl.

If you are installing this in very hot conditions, the sun can cause the vinyl to stretch more than you wanted it to. In that case, find an area outside of direct sunlight.

Remove your license plate. Clean the placement area and make sure it is free of dirt, debris, and wax. Align the holes just like our photo. The spacing around the license plate mounting holes is also visible in our photos. Squeegee out the air and soapy water with your fingers only. Use of your fingers will make sure you do not damage the vinyl.

You can guide the vinyl a bit by using slight pressure as you apply it. Be patient. Make small corrections as you go.

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