StickerFab Application Fluid (50ml)

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Application Fluid (50ml)

This is the application fluid you were looking for.  Better than any mixture of soapy water, it allows for easier installations in a slightly wider range of temperatures.

It turns novices into at least intermediate level installers.  The initial surface tension of the sticky vinyl gets broken so you can dial in your alignment.  Push the fluid out and you are left with a spot on install.



Shake before use.

We recommend you clean the installation area with this application fluid OR a detail spray that doesn't have wax and THEN this application fluid if the area is really dirty.  Use a microfiber cloth to wipe dry.  Spray the back of your vinyl and then proceed like we instruct you in many of our installation videos.  Align, install, and squeegee or push out the remaining application fluid from under the vinyl.  Allow to dry.  Use of LIGHT heat can accelerate the initial bonding period.

If used with transfer tape, be sure the vinyl is dry enough to peel back the transfer tape without removing the vinyl (2-3 minutes after pushing as much application fluid out as possible).

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Guy Halsey (Ann Arbor, MI, US)
Application fluid

I purchased the application fluid because it was convienient. It worked great!

Alfredo Lassise (San Juan, PR)

Application fluid inclusion, makes area peeping very convenient. Bottle delivers a soapy mist that does not drip all over.

Jeff Thatcher (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Application fluid works

Works as advertised. Every sticker applied using this product had absolutely no bubbles.

Thomas Dugan (Evansville, IN, US)
Great add on

Purchased the fluid as an add on. Wasn't sure if I would need it. It worked better than I imagined. Vinyl application went great and so happy with the results.

Anthony Mendoza (Washington, DC, US)
GR86 stripes

Great product, I just applied it during the worst outdoors condition. Do not apply in direct sunlight and heat.

M. (Lafayette, LA, US)

A good friend recommended your product, so I followed up, and I ever glad I did! I had a special request that I did not see available on the website and received an immediate response. When my order arrived, there were additional letters (in case I mess up, ha). I'm super excited and can't wait to put the vinyl lettering on my new 2022 Bronco grill ("Gris Gris" is her name)!!!!

Brian Spaulding (Charlotte, NC, US)

Made life easier

SEAN DURKIN (Lancaster, NH, US)
Excellent product

Received product in a timely manner, I was sent a few extra which was great. Went online to view installation procedures and all went well. Looks great and love the product. Would highly recommend and will install on all my vehicles