3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Trunk Trim Overlay - 2015-2020 WRX / STI

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3D Carbon fiber Vinyl Trunk Trim Overlay

Adding a few touches to your vehicle can make a subtle difference. This 3D carbon fiber vinyl trim has an actual texture to it and is not immediately recognizable as a sticker.

The 3D carbon fiber vinyl has re-positionable permanent adhesive with an air egress design. This prevents bubbles from becoming stuck underneath the material when mounting. 5 year outdoor durability.

NOTE: Precut vinyl does not work well in this application because of the curves in the trunk trim. Having excess vinyl to hold on to and stretch makes the installation much easier. Approximate dimensions of vinyl strip is 30" by 3.5" tall.

Matte black and highlighter yellow DOES NOT have air egress channels.  We recommend that you use StickerFab application fluid to help you position it.  Then squeegee out the water and start using heat to stretch it over the trim.


This requires a little bit of a DIYer touch. It's not incredibly difficult. You will receive 1 strip of carbon fiber vinyl to apply to your trim.

Required Items:



Remove your trunk trim from your trunk (see additional tab). Clean the front surface and around the back side. The material you are working with is sticky, but can be pulled back up carefully to reposition if required. You want to align the bottom, straight edge of the vinyl with the straight portion of the trim. Center it and begin to apply it. Make sure there is a straight line across the bottom and the vinyl is long enough to reach the opposite edge. Once you have found the correct position, apply heat. This helps the vinyl adhere to the surface better and will allow it to stretch it across the top, conforming it to the curves of this trim. Do not allow the vinyl to crease, continue to stretch it using a combination of pulling and heat. A good rule of thumb is that you should not apply much more heat than it would take to burn your hand. If it's way too hot for your hand, then it is too hot for the vinyl.

Once you have covered the surface, you can trim the excess vinyl.

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Brett Vuori (Morristown, NJ, US)
Highly recommend

Very easy to install, adds a more aggressive look to the rear.