Easy DIY Window Tint Kit - 2021+ Bronco

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Easy Window Tint Kit

Most Broncos, like many SUVs, come with tint on the rear windows, but no tint on the front.  Base Broncos don't have tint on the rear set of windows as well.

No need to find a reputable shop when you can DIY in 30 minutes or less.  Our 2 piece kit will allow you to tint your front windows.  

We also have you covered if you want to do the other windows as well.  No pun intended.

NOTE:  A couple different sources cite the stock rear windows are about 15%.  This is the factory tinted rear vehicles.  Some vehicles like base models do not have factory tinted rear windows.



CheetahTint Performance Series Automotive Window Tint

  • 99% UV Protection
  • Excellent Durability
  • Reduced glare
  • Zero Signal Interference (metal free)
  • Limited lifetime color stable warranty

15%, 30%, 50% (5%, 20%, 35%, available upon request)

CheetahTint Ceramic IR70

incorporates Nanotechnology to reject damaging UV and IR rays. This film has exceptional optical clarity while reducing excessive heat and glare. This film has outstanding color stability and solar control, backed by a limited lifetime color stable warranty.

  • 99% UV Protection
  • Solar Rejection up to 63%
  • Reduced glare
  • Zero Signal Interference (metal free)
  • Exceptional price point
  • Limited lifetime color stable warranty

We are open to add other VLT percentages (light transmission percentages).  Also we can can carry other lines of tint and even ceramic tint.  Just contact us.

NOTE:  2 sets are sold at a reduced price.  Keep it as a backup or in case your first install proves to be difficult.

PROCESSING TIMES:  There are 60 variants of this product.  To provide such an assortment, we have to cut these items in very small batches.  If you are in a rush, please use our Priority Processing.


Follow the video above!  Clean the windows and surrounding trim areas.

Recommended items:

The fluid, squeegee, and microfiber can also be purchased as a kit here.

    Watch our video for a full install.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    gregg wilson (Seven Springs, NC, US)
    Sticker fab

    Window tint for my f150 was a perfect fit

    MWILD (Holly Springs, NC, US)
    Not impressed

    Installed this tint per the video's instructions and ended up with a ton of creases and bubbles. Ended up removing the tint and throwing it in the trash. Waste of money, but for the price I didn't expect much... their other vinyl products went on fine and look great so no complaints there.

    Hello, we were able to answer you question that a replacement side could be ordered. Overall the bubbles are normal for a vehicle that is professionally tinted even. A quick Google for the question 'how long tint bubbles' returns:

    'AI Overview
    Small bubbles in freshly installed window tint usually go away within a couple of weeks, but can take longer in colder weather and disappear faster in heat. However, larger bubbles or bubbles that have formed in older tint will not go away.

    We wish you were able to try it again and obtain the same results that so many others did.


    Greg Bradley (Milford, NJ, US)
    Great deal for window tint!

    I have to admit I was nervous about installing my own tint. Turns out it was easier than I expected it to be. And the passenger side window looks great! Waiting on a replacement I had to order for the driver's side. Yes, it's stated in the video, and I can't stress it enough.... avoid even the slightest of wind while doing the install. A little breeze sent the tint in my hand to wrap around itself and crease (which I could not get out). If it weren't for that, I'd have both windows done right now. Anyways, would absolutely recommend this product!

    Nicholas Leblang (Indianapolis, IN, US)
    Worked great

    Install was super simple if you follow the video I found getting water away from door or front of door helped keep things dryer faster.

    Jeff Dysert (Richwood, OH, US)

    First time I ever tinted windows and it was a breeze. I just watched a video on YouTube and had no problem at all, looks great and I would definitely recommend

    Lindy (Brunswick, OH, US)
    Window tint

    I received the wrong product but when I contacted the company they immediately sent out a replacement! Amazing customer service!!!

    The tint was easy to apply and looks great!

    Rich Thompson (Asheville, NC, US)
    DIY Tint Kit is a perfect fit!

    The precut tint film is a perfect fit!

    Removing the door panels may be the ideal approach for ensuring that the film goes to the bottom of the window. But if you prefer leave the panels on (like me), just open the door, press in the door latch so the window goes all the way up and proceed with installation.

    Be sure to install in the most dust free environment you can find!