A91 Retro Heritage TRD Style Decklid Stripes - 2020+ Supra

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Sticker Fab has distributed over 20,000 vinyl products in the last few years! This new platform will be a great canvas for their accents and protection items.

You'll have your vehicle looking closer to a special edition A91 Supra in no time.  These are ultra easy to install and will last for a long time.

A customer asked us for this specific design so we created them!

NOTE:  Sold as a set.  4 total stripes.  2 for driver's side and 2 for passenger side.


We print on Orajet material and then laminate the vinyl to protect it against abrasions and harmful UV rays.


Recommended tools:

Clean the application area and have soapy water available.  Use a drop of dish soap mixed with a full cup of water.

Apply some of the soapy water to the bottom of the vinyl.  It will allow you to slide the vinyl around until you find the proper placement.  It will also aide in removing air bubbles.  

You want to get the alignment of the piece so that it contours the fenders.  Start with the larger piece and use the defroster lines on the rear window as a point of reference.  You will want to align the front edge of the larger piece at approximately the fourth defroster lines.  Please see the photos.

Once you have to aligned, use your fingers (or a squeegee / credit card wrapped in microfiber) to push out the air and water.  To speed up the process of drying you can use light heat from a heat gun or hair dryer.

When the first piece is aligned, begin to apply the smaller piece.  It will sit behind the larger stripe by approximately 1.5".

Repeat for the other side.



Customer Reviews

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Peter (Brooklyn, NY, US)
perfect retro stripe look

Love that it's the same design as the a91, but with the retro livery. please don't buy it so that I'm the only one that has it... 😅