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Shipping and processing notes.

F1 / Rear Fog Light Overlay

Our line of "standard" materials get the job done.  Whether in this case making your rear F1 / rear fog light a little darker, a good bit darker, or red.

These materials are sourced from US distributors and made in America or Germany (Oracal).

NOTE:  The photos are shown on a dark lens.  Light smoke is about half the darkness as "dark".  Dark Smoke LX+ and Light Smoke LX+ have air egress channels and are a premium vinyl choice.


Clean your hands and clean the installation area. Keep some soapy water around so you can slide the overlay in place should your alignment be off initially. Use your fingers to push all the water and air out after you find the sweet spot.

Want the perfect application fluid?  Try adding our StickerFab Application Fluid.

NOTE: The water only has to have a small amount of soap in it. You can use it on the lens and the back of the overlay. You can keep a hair dryer or heat gun around to aide in speeding up the drying process. As a general rule of thumb, if the heat is burning you, it may burn the material so use light amounts of heat.

Customer Reviews

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Julz (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Gives my car that added pop

Love my overlay decals! Matches my car with the red!