theOCDplug 12" Sync 4 Screen Protector Kit - 2021+ Bronco

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theOCDplug 12" Sync 4 Screen Protector Kit

Not only is protecting your large 12" Sync 4 screen important, but those who want to minimize fingerprints and glare will want to consider this product.  Knock out a few birds with one stone by installing this screen protector.

If you're using your vehicle during the day, you'll probably experience some times where glare and reflections cut down the practicality of having such a large screen.  Cut down on that glare and minimize the chance that flying objects damage your screen.

Includes: Installation instructions, Spray Bottle, Applicator Squeegee (not plastic), Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth, and Alcohol wipe.


 Instructions are available here

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Jordan Salvia (Johnstown, PA, US)
As expected - nice anti glare protection

Great install instructions and kit. Worth the extra money

Javier Medina (Panama City, 8, PA)

Great product!

Benny Bryant (Sylacauga, AL, US)
A must have

Fit is perfect and installed very easily. Just take your time with your pre-install prep work and make sure the screen and surrounding trim is clean and free of dust and it will look great. No more greasy looking fingerprint marks and the matt finish cuts down glare a ton.

Randall Russell (Oxford, MS, US)
Screen Protector Kit

As advertised and works well.

Rudy Paluch (Adrian, MI, US)

No fingerprints and super easy install.

Ashley Slaughter (Griffin, GA, US)
12" Bronco Screen Protector

This was very easy to apply and came with everything needed for the process. Film went on easily and screen looks great. Really love the matte finish as no fingerprints or smudges show.

John Newport (Kansas City, MO, US)
OCD Plug 12 in

Way cool. The glare reduction with the top off was excellent.

K. (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Easy install

Great coverage and now I don’t have finger prints everywhere.