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21 Offroad BAMF Key Case / Keychain - 2021+ Bronco

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21 Offroad BAMF Aluminum Key Case

This is the biggest aluminum case we have seen for the 2021+ Bronco.  It fits both normal Bronco keys and Bronco Raptor keys.

If you want a huge chunk of metal in your pocket and to protect your key against almost anything, here you go!

  • Installs in a minute
  • Gives your key a rugged look
  • Comes with screwdriver and Allen wrench


Unscrew the 4 screws holding the case together with the supplied screwdriver.  Place original key fob inside case.  Screw back in the 4 screws that were removed.

Customer Reviews

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Overall the key case is awesome fits great and looks great. Really sturdy aluminum! Also came with a wrist lanyard. Only issue is that the bronco constantly can't detect the key with the case on it. :( just have to work around it! Not the sellers fault.