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3D Carbon Seat Belt Buckle Panel Scuff Guard

Sticker Fab has produced a number of 3D Carbon vinyl overlays for the interior of the GR Supra. These usually cover areas that are prone to scratching and/or just very plain. The overlays are an easy and affordable way to add some customization to your vehicle. These mods are easy to remove should you ever change your mind or trade in your vehicle.

Add a little texture to your interior trim. Looks great in conjunction with Sticker Fab's other interior products.


Dragon Wrap™ Carbon Fiber Film is a 5.6 mil calendered vinyl film featuring a clear repositionable permanent acrylic adhesive on an air-egress liner. This film has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding durability and outdoor performance. This repositionable permanent adhesive offers minimal initial bond growing to permanent bonds that facilitates application of large graphics. The air egress liner also aids in large graphic application.

Lasts up to 5 years outdoors.

Care Details: Concept Carbon Fiber film should be maintained to preserve long term appearance using standard aftercare products designed for textured exterior vinyl surfaces. A commercially available protectant such as Armor All or 303 Aerospace Protectant is recommended. DO NOT use waxes of any type.


Clean the application area and make sure it is clear of any dirt, debris, and/or Armor All. Use of a heat gun or hair dryer is required. We started with the small piece of vinyl which goes next to the rubber door seal. Align this as close as you can to the rubber seal, using the bottom edge as the starting point. Once the flat portion is laying down, apply a little heat to wrap it around the edge. Work your way out from the center to the edges. Start with very small amounts of heat. Hold on to the ends before you reach them. This will allow you to stretch any material that wants to crease.

NOTE: We suggest using small amounts of heat because the material becomes soft quickly.

Align the larger piece so that the front edge will meet the small piece you already laid down. It is perfectly fine for these layers to slightly overlap. Due to the curves on this trim, you cannot lay down much more than the lead edge without heat. Start on the center of the lead edge and apply small amounts of heat. Press down in the center and work your way to the top. Once this is down, go back to the center and work your way down.

After the lead edge is down, go back to the center and fan out front the center. Work your way an inch to an inch and a half at a time. Evenly fanning out from the center. Hold on to the edges of the film with one hand before you reach them. Apply a little heat and use your other hand to press down and prevent any creases. Continue this until you reach the end.

NOTE: Squeegees are not required.

Customer Reviews

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M. Campos (Gilroy, CA, US)
Great protection!

The 3D Carbon Seatbelt Buckle Panel Scuff Guards were exactly what my Supra needed. When you take the seatbelts off in the Supra, it tends to smack the inside panel, sometime even when you're trying to be gentle. These guards are easy to install and protect that panel perfectly. Highly recommend!