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JDM DRL Bezel Overlays

These overlays let you make your aftermarket modifications even more unique.  They fit the facelift DRL bar on authentic Japanese fog bezels, OLM fog bezels, and SubiSpeed fog bezels.  Basically anything that is a direct copy of the original ones.

This is only for the 2018-2020 versions.

Covers the front of the DRL lens while allowing light to shine through when lit.  Special honeycomb (hex) material lights up with a similar pattern as the mesh on this lamp.  These special edition materials are extremely expensive but unique and high quality.  They have air egress channels for easy installation.


Clean your hands and the surface of the DRL lamp. Use a little soapy water if you are concerned that you won't get the alignment right on the first go. This soapy water will also allow any air bubbles to escape as squeegee out the water. We recommend using your fingers to squeegee out the water OR only a felt lined plastic squeegee. You can also wrap a microfiber around a plastic one. The goal is to not scratch the material.

Dry install also possible as material is forgiving if you need to reapply.  Air egress channels do allow for a rather simple install.


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Maynor Amaya (Everett, MA, US)

Special Edition Dark Smoke Honeycomb (Hex) JDM DRL Bezel Overlays - 2018-2021 WRX / STI