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21 Offroad ABS Door Striker Covers (Set of 4) - 2021+ Bronco

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 21 Offroad ABS Door Striker Covers (Set of 4)

Key Features

  • Stick on design
  • ABS construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing vs exposed steel
  • Sold as a set of 4


For those that value the little add-ons, here is one that covers the door strikers on your Ford Bronco.  Going doors off?  Cover up a little bit of exposed steel.


Clean the application surface and make sure it is 100% clean and free of dirt, debris, wax, etc.  Remove the double sided adhesive protective strips and install.  Place force on the covers for 15 seconds each.  Repeat for each door.  2 door owners will have two extra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Janette Crisfield (Santa Ana, CA, US)
Great finishing touch

All the small details count - great finishing touch.

David_AK (New York, NY, US)
Perfect match

Perfect match to Badlands orange. Easy to install.


RJS WPB (Boynton Beach, FL, US)
Nice part for cleaning up the door jambs

These covers fit well and covered up the bolts and plates on the door latches, much better and cleaner look.

Michael Davidoff (Boulder, CO, US)
Door Strike Pin Covers

Nice little upgrade for when I take my doors off. Most people wouldn’t ever notice these things, but I do. Should come in sets of 2 so I wouldn’t have to give 2 away. I have a 2 door.

M. Alaniz (Spring, TX, US)
Door Strikers

Having the door strikers make it look cleaner and more finished against my Hot Pepper. Looks Great! However, would consider adding a fifth cover for the rear cargo door latch.