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21 Offroad Stage II LED Interior Replacement Lamp (Cargo / Rear Seat) - 2021+ Bronco

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21 Offroad Stage II "Afterburner" Interior Replacement Lamp (Cargo / Rear Seat)

Features and Benefits:

• High-Powered LED Lighting from 2 diodes
 Easy Install - No Drilling/ Modifications Required
 Plug and play.

An easy to do mod that you notice every day is always a welcome sight.  These are full replacement LED lamps that increase the light output significantly.

They can replace either the lamp above the rear seat or the cargo lamp.  Purchase two and knock out both areas!


While plug and play, the tabs will need to be pushed in or pulled out depending on the location you are installing the lamp in.  Follow our photos below.

For the cargo area, you will insert and seat the right side first.  For the lamp above the rear seats, you can seat either side first.

In the cargo area, we recommend that you pull the panel out enough to push down on the factory tabs to release the OEM lamp.  For the rear seat lamp, you can reach in between the plastic and the metal bar to access the rear of the OEM lamp and push it out.

You can also do it the traditional way with a panel popper inserted behind the lamp for both areas.

Customer Reviews

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Neil (Boulder, CO, US)
Nice product

The install was easy above the rear seat, definitely plug-n-play.
Sure is a lot brighter, but there is no on/off switch.
I'll recommend it....... :<)

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GP (Shepherdstown, WV, US)
Huge improvement

I was skeptical about the reviews regarding the stage II interior light upgrade. However, after installing them in rear seating area and cargo area of my 2022 Bronco, I am thoroughly impressed. Additionally, I recommend accessing the metal clips for removal from the back of the interior panels, as I did, to prevent scratching and/or damaging the interior.