3D Carbon B Pillar Protection Kit - 2021+ Bronco 4 Door

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2021+ Bronco B Pillar Protection - 4 Door

This was a request from a customer that wanted to change up the B pillar and protect it at the same time.

It's easy to install and can cover up minor imperfections and discolorations in the B pillar.

2 pieces:

  • Left Pillar
  • Right Pillar


You will want to do this in 74-84 degree weather ideally.  Stay in the shade unless it is a little on the cool side.

Recommended items:

The fluid, squeegee, and microfiber can also be purchased as a kit here.

We recommend doing this after a fresh car wash.  Re-clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Just use a wax free detailing spray if your vehicle is not too dirty.  Do not forget to clean the edges of the B pillar (THEY MUST BE ULTRA CLEAN).  Also wash your hands.  You do not want to get dirt stuck to the adhesive side of the material.

NOTES:  We recommend that the installation area be free of wax and not under direct sunlight.  Use of a hair dryer or heat gun (low amounts of heat) may be needed for the outer portions if it is not stretching / drying at a desirable rate.  Use sparingly.

It is possible to install the vinyl without application fluid (dry), if you are careful.  This material is pretty forgiving if installed under the right temperatures.  It also has air egress channels to prevent bubbles.

For a wet install, continue to read.

Apply application fluid to the target install and nearby surrounding area.  Also apply it to the back of the material as it is removed from the backing paper.  Apply it to your fingers for bonus points.

With fluid on the application area and material , you can change the alignment of the material by gently pulling up on portions and setting it back down.

Once you alignment is ideal, you can start to squeegee out the liquid.  You may have to let the vinyl dry before doing the edges.  You can use LIGHT heat to speed up the drying process and increase adhesion.

The adhesive reacts to PRESSSURE and HEAT.

The video below is of a similar install, however, the 3D carbon has a lot more adhesive and as long as the pillar is 100% clean, it should stick without requiring adhesive promoter.

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