Smoked Tail Light Overlays - 2016-2018 Chevrolet Camaro

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The 6th generation Camaro has been a hit since it's debut. One of the first mods you can do which won't break the bank is a tail light black out kit. Unlike most kits on the market, this one allows 20-35% of light to still pass through. Most kits are too dark and make it hard to see your brake lights and turn signals. They attract law enforcement a lot!

Installation is simple and can be done with a little soapy water and some heat. I recommend keeping a heat gun or hair dryer around for some LIGHT heat. Simply clean the surface and start at one corner with the overlay. Just squeegee out the soapy water with your fingers once the product is in place. You don't want to damage the film so don't use a credit card or something else. Must allow pieces to dry before driving. Power washing the lights after it has dried is perfectly fine. I'll include two sets so if you damage one, you'll have another to install.