Distressed American Flag Sidemarker Overlays (Front Only, Printed Series) - 2021+ Bronco (ALL)

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  • Printed on clear vinyl
  • Sold as a pair (left and right)
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Distressed American Flag Overlays (Front Only, Printed Series)

When you're trying to achieve a certain theme, sidemarkers can stick out like a sore thumb.  There's an easy way to make them less noticeable (light can still pass through at night), without spending a lot of money.  That smoked look is achievable through vinyl.

We can fully print a number of designs on these sidemarkers.  We're starting out with this topographic map.  Please contact us with your ideas, and we may just add them!

Sold as a pair (left and right).


    Our old sidemarker install video.  Applies to this version as well.

    Items you may want to have:

    3 items are available in this kit.

    Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.  Do not use a spray with any type of wax in it.

    The overlays are labeled.

    Ideal installation temperature is 75-85 degrees.  If it is warm, do this install in the shade.  Clean the installation area and 1" around that area.  Wet the sidemarker and then wet the vinyl.  Apply the vinyl and when you are happy with the alignment, start to push out the installation fluid.  Use a squeegee to help you get it all out.  Dry the vinyl and if needed, use LIGHT heat to push the vinyl around the edges.

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    Customer (Rensselaer, NY, US)
    I am the owner

    I love them. They look great on. very easy to install ordering them and getting them shipped to me was very easy and I got them really quick thank you very much for your product