Ford Licensed Bronco Cursive Script Metal Emblem Kit (Modified) - 2021+ Bronco

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  • 2x Ford official licensed fender emblems ( modified by StickerFab, pins removed)
  • 3M adhesive promoter
  • Alignment strips
  • StickerFab application fluid

Ford Licensed Bronco Cursive Metal Emblems (Modified)

These Ford licensed products are made to the original Bronco specs.  We have modified them to fit the 2021+ Bronco without drilling.  This makes installation a breeze and your vehicle equipped with the highest quality products emblems available.

These were designed for the original Bronco which uses locator pins on the fender.  As most owners do not want to drill holes in their newer Bronco, we have carefully removed these pins so you don't have to.

Dimensions:  Approximately 10.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall.  

NOTE:  Originally designed for 1966 Broncos.  We have modified a licensed product from it's original form to make it EASIER to install on a flat surface.  In its original, licensed form, it is not intended to mount on a 6th generation Bronco without modification (either pin removal, or drilling of your fender).


  • 2x Ford official licensed fender emblems ( modified by StickerFab, pins removed)
  • 3M adhesive promoter
  • Alignment strips for Type 1 Install
  • Driver / Passenger side template for Type 2 Install
  • StickerFab application fluid


NOTE:  The adhesive is VERY sticky so make sure to test fit and double check your placement before removing the adhesive backing.  Make sure the emblem is not bowed out.  Also make sure the emblem is straight.  While removing pins and transit the emblems can lose their alignment, but are easily to mold back to original position.  View your template.  The letters are not all the same size, but the proper alignment is described in the template.

Most vehicles have a rake to them.  Alignment strips are to find an alignment you are pleased with.  Then you must base your installation off of your own reference.  You can also use the supplied templates.  Mock up your install before installing.  No warranty is available for your alignment issues so please triple check before finalizing install.



This usually happens on the passenger side. If the emblem matches the mounting surface, the entire emblem will match it. Do not use force during test fitting to make it fit. If you notice any gap when test fitting, STOP and bend the emblem gently to match the surfaces. Then re-test.




Type 1 Install Using Alignment Strips (easiest and flattest mounting spot) - The perfect installation environment is relatively low humidity and 75-85 degree WEATHER.  This allows the adhesive bond to become strong by 24 hours and highest by 72 hours.

Visually inspect emblem prior to installation and mock up your installation before removing 3M backing.  

Some other items you might want to have on you:

NOTE:  We do not recommend using the promotor on stealth PPF surfaces or vinyl wraps.

Please watch out installation video.  Remember that when working with adhesive promoter, you will want to finish the installation shortly after applying and then clean off the remaining promoter. 


Type 2 Install Using Driver / Passenger Template (*WARNING* slightly curved) - See photo of Iconic Silver Bronco above.  This is the placement location.  You will cut along the dotted line of the supplied template and then follow the alignment instructions on the template.  Tape the template to each side after the area is prepped in the same manner as the Type 1 install.

The only difference will be the location.  Installation method remains the same.

*IMPORTANT* Visually inspect emblem prior to installation and mock up your installation before removing 3M backing.   Make sure the emblem matches the mounting surface curve without placing pressure on the emblem.  If they do not match you MUST bend the emblem to match the mounting surface.

NOTE:  If you place it in an area that has a curve on the fender then you will want to gently shape the emblem to match that curve.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Dailey (Winthrop Harbor, IL, US)
Awesome Look!

Great minimal retro look on a new 2023 Bronco WildTrak. Factory installed badges were very cheap looking on a performance SUV

Brian Eisele (Chicago, IL, US)
Retro Bronco badge

Looks great and was easy to install with the supplied instructions.

Richard Sharp (Saint Charles, MO, US)
Bronco Script is a Nice Appearance Upgrade

The addition of the chrome Bronco script emblems to my Bronco are a nice appearance upgrade to my Bronco. Installation was straightforward following the directions and using the paper alignment templates which I attached to car using painters tape. The emblems adhered well to the vehicle and look great - several compliments!

Chuck Psaila (Brighton, MI, US)
Bronco badges

Excellent product nothing but compliments

Melissa Stanley (Harpers Ferry, WV, US)
Bronco Cursive Script

Very happy with my purchase from stickerfab. The bronco is my dream vehicle and I love the old script lettering on side. Great quality with the metal, insructions with guide were helpful. No issues with adhesion. Thanks!

Joseph Troy (Darien, CT, US)
Great product

Looks great and easy install.

Amy Elizabeth Anderson (Vashon, WA, US)

Easy to apply & love the look! Thank you!

Landon Adamson (Grand Forks, ND, US)
Awesome quality! Looks so classy!

Includes everything needed for easy installation. Make sure to watch demonstration video.