3D Carbon Inner Door Protectors (Behind Handles) - 2021+ Bronco

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  • Protects soft plastic
  • Covers up light scratches

3D Carbon Inner Door Protectors (Behind Handles)

Soft plastics are abundant in modern vehicles.  Unless you are purchasing a luxury vehicle, there are cost cutting methods used by manufacturers and this is one.  

A customer let us know that his door panels were getting scratched behind the door handles.  We have the materials that are capable of protecting this area so we got to designing.

Our 3D Carbon premium, US sourced vinyl is the most durable material we offer aside from clear.  It has air egress channels on the back side for ease of installation.  The mounting adhesive responds well to pressure AND light heat.

Sold as a set of four (two larger pieces for the front, two smaller pieces for the rear).  Each piece is unique to the door it goes to.


When purchasing vinyl overlays, keep in mind that not all materials are created equally. I use premium vinyl which has high initial costs, but are the industry standards for high quality materials. Also made in the USA. - Dragon Wrap™ Carbon Fiber Films (3D Carbon) is a 5.6 mil calendered vinyl film featuring a clear repositionable permanent acrylic adhesive on an air-egress liner. This film has excellent dimensional stability, outstanding durability and outdoor performance. - This repositionable permanent adhesive offers minimal initial bond growing to permanent bonds that facilitates application of large graphics. The air egress liner also aids in large graphic application. - Minimum application temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. - Up to 5 year durability outdoors. Rated EXCELLENT for WATER RESISTANCE, HUMIDITY RESISTANCE, and SOLVENT RESISTANCE.

Care Details: Concept Carbon Fiber film should be maintained to preserve long term appearance using standard aftercare products designed for textured exterior vinyl surfaces. A commercially available protectant such as Armor All or 303 Aerospace Protectant is recommended. DO NOT use waxes of any type.


Clean the application area to prepare it for installation.

NOTES:  We recommend that the installation area be free of wax and not under direct sunlight.  
Some will choose to clean the application with rubbing alcohol which is okay.

Installing the material in 70-80 degree weather is ideal.  At higher temperatures make sure you are doing the installation in a shady area without direct sun.

  • Microfiber
  • Detailing Spray
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer (optional)

Installation video coming soon.

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Eric Heinz (Houston, TX, US)

Fairly easy to install and they look great.