Printed Series Center Grab Handle Stripe Overlay - 2021+ Bronco

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Printed Series Center Grab Handle Stripe Overlay

We have knocked out the driver and passenger side grab handles, however that left the center grab handle to do.  Some vehicles are not equipped with these so we didn't include them with the outer ones.

Now that we have printing capabilities, we are expanding our options.  Some of these are near paint matches.  Overall they help you get rid of some of the factory trim color.  Tune your interior to your own liking.

Ships with 2 sets of overlays.  You only need to use one, but we don't like our customers to be stranded without a backup.

Printing does have limitations.  Many paints are multi coatings and have more depth to them.  So we have to come close to what the colors look like in sunlight or in the shade but cannot always match both.  You can see these inlays from outside the vehicle with the windows up. 

Ships with 2 sets of overlays.  You only need to use one, but we don't like our customers to be stranded without a backup.

Please watch our installation video to understand the level of difficulty to install these.


Clean the application area and apply the vinyl using a dry installation.  Make sure the area is clean and free of dust, debris, dirt, Armor All, etc.

Some will choose to clean the application area with rubbing alcohol which is okay.

"Rubbing alcohol will not damage car paint if it is diluted to between 10% and 15%. Since rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, it doesn't damage car paint."

Make sure the installation area is completely dry before attempting an install.

Try doing the install in the shade so it doesn't heat up the vinyl rapidly.  Keeping a hair dryer or heat gun around is recommended.  Dry and wet install options are noted in the video.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    William Duvall (Bowling Green, KY, US)
    Great with Area 51!

    Love it. I recommend you remove the handle before install and it’s pretty easy! Love the look. Thanks StickerFab!

    Nina M-G (Austin, TX, US)
    OBX personalize!

    I love the stickers! I love and appreciate the uniqueness they provide. Unfortunately, the trail sight stickers, for some reason, weren’t sticky. All the others were and stuck/stayed no problem. I definitely believe in their overall purpose, except for these. Super easy to apply using a hairdryer to prep the application process.

    DMV (Encino, CA, US)
    Matches color perfectly

    I was looking to add some of the exterior color as accents to the interior and this overlay worked great. It's noticeably different than the blue that was there at first. If I had my way I'd replace every speck of blue trim interior with this color, but alas I'm not about to restitch the seats (the thread lining the "leather-trimmed vinyl" is the same blue). I had no say in whether there'd be any alternate color in my Bronco's interior, but now thanks to Stickerfab I can make it look how I want!!