Rigid 360 Series 4" Light Cover Topo Overlays - Universal

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  • Solid printed vinyl
  • Specific Rigid 360 4" lamp cover fitment
  • Sold as a 2 piece set
  • Fits Rigid cover part number 363675
  • Cover sold separately

Rigid 360 4" Light Cover Topographic Overlays

Rigid light covers are nice to have, but if you want a really unique look, here it is.  We offer the potential for a variety of options.

These looks good in photos and even better in person.  Fits Rigid cover part number 363675.


We can offer a number of colors.  If you look around our site and see a color that is not represented here, just let us know.

Use our contact form to get in touch with us.


We recommend a wet install.  

Recommended Items:

Ideal install temperature is 75-85 degrees.  If it is warm, do the install in the shade.  Vice versa if it is cooler.  Clean the surface of the light cover.  Spray the surface again with StickerFab application fluid and do the same to the overlay as you peel it off the backing paper.  This fluid will let you align the material perfectly and prevent it from sticking to itself.  Once you get a proper alignment, you can push out the fluid and bubbles with your fingers.

Use a small amount of heat and your fingers to massage all the fluid out.  Go slow and pull up the material to lay it down and re-stretch it when needed.

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