Sidemarker Tint Alfa Romeo 4C - 2015+

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Hello all! Thank you for visiting my veteran owned shop. US vehicles come with very large red and orange sidemarkers. Smoke them out to give you vehicle a unique look. They can still reflect a little light in the dark. Comes with 1 backup set. INSTALLATION TIPS A hairdryer or heat gun is recommended for installation. You will just use your fingers. Be sure your hands are clean. Cleaning your vehicle in the install area is super important. You don't want to get anything between the material and your sidemarker. If you do, the install will be slightly more noticeable. A dry install is recommended. Start at one and and work your way to the other. Excess material will be wrapped slightly around the visible edge. A good rule of thumb for using heat on the material to wrap around the edge is that if it will burn you, it might damage the material. Use heat sparingly. Installation is easy!