Sun Visor Warning Overlays - 2022+ WRX

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Sun Visor Warning Overlays

Knock out the air bag warning labels on your vehicle.  Please read them before you do though.  You can't sue us because you wanted to cover them up.  We assume you have a good memory.

Ships with 2 sets of overlays.  You only need to use one, but we don't like our customers to be stranded without a backup.


Please follow our Bronco install until we get a video for this specific application.  Clean the application area and apply the vinyl using a dry or wet installation.  Make sure the area is clean and free of dust, debris, dirt, Armor All, etc.

Some will choose to clean the application area with rubbing alcohol which is okay.

"Rubbing alcohol will not damage car paint if it is diluted to between 10% and 15%. Since rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, it doesn't damage car paint."

Make sure the installation area is completely dry before attempting an install.

Try doing the install in the shade so it doesn't heat up the vinyl rapidly. 

    If you do a wet install, you will want to use dish soap or hand soap (just a touch will do), mixed with a cup or two of water.  Please watch our video for more tips.  For the WRX we used StickerFab application fluid instead of soapy water.

    Customer Reviews

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    Adam (Denver, CO, US)
    Much Much Better

    Most ways I found to remove the airbag labels seemed to me they would cause damage and/or still leave residue, etc. I love these overlays. You can still see the square but it looks so much better in my opinion. Especially, on the outside looking at the car with a sunshade in the windshield.