theOCDplug 12" Sync 4 Screen Protector Kit - 2021+ Bronco

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theOCDplug 12" Sync 4 Screen Protector Kit

Not only is protecting your large 12" Sync 4 screen important, but those who want to minimize fingerprints and glare will want to consider this product.  Knock out a few birds with one stone by installing this screen protector.

If you're using your vehicle during the day, you'll probably experience some times where glare and reflections cut down the practicality of having such a large screen.  Cut down on that glare and minimize the chance that flying objects damage your screen.


 Instructions are available here. Install is similar to the F150 as seen in the video.

Customer Reviews

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K.W. (Los Alamos, NM, US)
Easy install

Great coverage and now I don’t have finger prints everywhere.

Elgin Ruland (Andover, KS, US)

theOCDplug 12" Sync 4 Screen Protector Kit - 2021+ Bronco / F-150

Kim Fisher (Altoona, PA, US)
Great product

The screen protector was so easy to put on, I love that the kit came with everything needed. Plus it’s so easy to keep fingerprints off of. And easy to wipe down if needed.

A. Preast (Lakeland, FL, US)
Nice Touch

Nice added touch to the Bronco! Easy simple install....This product is something you do not think you need until its added. No more finger prints or glare!!

Robert Dube (Jackson, MI, US)
12" Screen Protector

Nice product does was its advertised to do. Very easy installation!

Rogelio Velasquez (El Paso, TX, US)
Screen protector

Love it quick and easy to install

Ron Baker (Austin, TX, US)
Easy Install and Working Great!

Just like the video, it was easy to install and looks great. No change in operation and I’m glad to be protecting the screen. It does have more of a matte finish compared to the factory screen…pro: less glare at certain angles and no smudges, con: doesn’t quite look as “new” and shiny and maybe not quite as sharp. However, don’t need to worry about scratches taking that away. I’ll check back in after a year to follow up.

G Balluff (Saint Charles, IL, US)

Great product :)