V1 V2 V3 Headlight / Front Sidemarker Overlays fits 2022+ WRX

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  • Three versions for different looks
  • V1 covers a large portion of the side of the headlamp
  • V2 covers the same large portion of the headlight + the top
  • V3 covers a smaller area of the side (good for Limited and still looks great on Base + Premium

2022+ WRX Headlight / Front Sidemarker Overlays

Sidemarker overlays and eyebrows are pretty popular aesthetic mods for a vehicle.  These knock out some of the bright orange in the headlights and wraps around the top of your headlight to visually change it up.

V1 - partial cover, only covers side

V2 - covers side and top

V3- partial cover, only covers side (smaller than V1, appropriate for Limited headlights and still looks great on normal headlights)

NOTE:  On Limited models the V1 appearance will look different due to their internal design. 


  1. Dark Smoke -  Standard dark smoke material.  Made in Germany.
  2. Light Smoke - Standard light smoke material.  Made in Germany.
  3. Black - Supercast film that will only let a small amount of light through when backlit.
  4. Dark Smoke Stealth - Premium dark smoke material with air egress channels for ease of installation (helps prevents bubbles).  Made in the USA.


Desired temperature for work environment:  70-85 degrees,

Clean the application and surrounding areas prior to applying.  We recommend the following items for installation:

Make sure there is no wax on the lens.  You can wet the back of the vinyl with a few drops of dish soap in a cup of water.  This allows you to slide the vinyl around into the right position.  Once you have found that position, use your fingers to push out the soapy water.  Allow to dry.  LOW heat can be used to dry out the vinyl quicker.

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kevin ferrell (Kingman, AZ, US)
all went well

time will tell , the first set is still hanging in the az, heat. The roud 2 install is complete,keep you posted.