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V2 Seatbelt Retention Buckles (ABS) - Universal

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  • Reduce seatbelt flapping when belts are not in use
  • Neat and tidy retention of belts and buckles
  • Sold individually (choose as many or as little as you want)

V2 Seatbelt Retention Buckles (ABS) - Universal

Ever had your seat belt buckles slap the side of your vehicle?  This can happen when the windows are down, top is down, doors are removed, rear seats are down or any combination of those situations.

These seatbelt retention buckles are easy to install and keep the buckle from moving.  Leaves you with a clean look and potentially less noise.

Comes with pre-mounted double sided adhesive.  This is our version 2 which has a larger contact patch and universal design which allows you to mount it on either side of the vehicle.

NOTE:  Bronco application is verified to NOT need the hinge feature at all.  Gloss carbon fiber version is hydrodipped.


Recommended temperature 75-85 degrees.  Relatively low humidity.

This video is of a SIMILAR product.  Install these where the seatbelt naturally lays.  Do not use it to move the seatbelt to a different location or the adhesive can fail.

Clean the application area and make sure it is free of dirt, dust, debris, Armor All, etc.  

Use of isopropyl alcohol is advised.  Wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry.

Install in a very warm environment (70-80 degrees) and REFRAIN from use for 24 hours while the bond strengthens.

 After application, the bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows onto the surface (also referred to as “wet out”). At room temperature approximately 50% of ultimate bond strength will be achieved after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours. This flow is faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures. Ultimate bond strength can be achieved more quickly (and in some cases bond strength can be increased) by exposure of the bond to elevated temperatures for 1 hour). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bill Hall (Columbus, OH, US)
Good product that does what it's supposed to do.

I like these because they hold the seat belts down and make it easier to reach back to pull forward and around you. Nice that you can also put the buckle in the fitted slot as well. So far so good. Only negative is that the buckle slot is movable on the driver side but as they are exact duplicates, the passenger side doesn't move the same and is therefor rigid but it doesn't really hurt the whole workings.

TAT'2d SQRL (Rushville, IL, US)
Almost 5 stars

I purchased two of these because I hate the flapping of the rear seatbelt when the doors are off. These do a great job of holding the seatbelts there is still a bit of flapping however greatly reduced. I cleaned the area really good then pressed the holder to the interior panel. I actually ended up losing one as for some reason it did not stick well. Maybe the 3m tape was an issue not sure. I do clean the area very thoroughly with 90% alcohol and let dry. Who knows could have been a number of things to cause this issue. Over all would recommend the product

Noah Cook (Charlestown, IN, US)
Great especially if you like diving with the windows down

Best purchase so you don’t have to listen to all the belts flopping in the wind

Loren Edwards (Stilwell, KS, US)
V2 Seatbelt Restraint

Great product ,fast delivery

Bobby Suchman (Baton Rouge, LA, US)
Great investment

Was exactly what I was looking for to keep the seatbelts from flopping around!! Highly suggest!!

Mike Redden (Omaha, NE, US)
Retention Buckles (ABS) - Universal

Product worked as advertised, easy to install!