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Shipping and processing notes.

Steering Wheel Controls + Lower Spoke 3D Carbon Overlays

We venture inside the brand new BRZ and GR86 with our trim overlays.  Give the plastics on your steering wheel a deep, dark, textured appearance for a more premium look.

Use 303 Aerospace protectant to clean and give the material its best look.


    Clean the application and surrounding areas prior to applying.  We recommend the following items for installation:

    • Microfiber
    • Interior Cleaner Spray 
    • Small Screwdrivers / Trim Tools (optional)
    • Heat gun / hairdryer (optional)

    Make sure the area is clean and free from any product similar to Armor All.

    Install is ideally done in 70-80 degree weather.  As it gets warmer, doing it in the shade / turning the AC on is best.  If it is colder, you want to heat the inside of the vehicle and the vinyl as well.  Heat makes the vinyl stretch and due to how intricate these pieces are, you don't want to overstretch the material.  Cold makes the material brittle and harder to work with.

    To really activate the adhesive in this material, you need a warm environment AND pressure.  

    Use our video as a guide of how to install.  Using a small screwdriver or trim tool in conjunction with a heat gun or hairdryer will help you get the hard to reach areas to stay down.  The areas close to the airbag.  

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    T G (Deerfield Beach, FL, US)

    This is the easiest part to start your upgrade with. It's almost impossible to screw this up. And they still give you 2 just in case