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Shipping and processing notes.
  • Use your brake lights as turns and eliminate the amber turn OR
  • Upgrade to Oracle tail lights without the use of Forscan (factory LED equipped vehicles)

4Dtech Tail as Turn / Oracle Tail Light Modifier


For those that want to change up their lighting without the use of Forscan, we have the solution.  We worked with 4D Tech to obtain a plug and play programmer that allows factory LED tail light equipped customers to upgrade to Oracle flush mount tail lights without the use of Forscan.

LED tail light owners that just want to eliminate the amber turn and use their brake light as a turn signal, can run this program as well.

Purchase Oracle Flush Mount Tail Lights separately here or purchase everything as a kit here.

NOTE:  Please consult local laws concerning lighting.

This is a plug and play solution that eliminates this issue.

NOTE:  There are NO refunds or exchanges once this has been used as it marries the device to your VIN rendering it useless to any other vehicle.  The device is considered used once it has been removed from it's sealed baggy.

1 year warranty against defects


  • Q – “Will this work on my vehicle”
  • A – Yes. This had been tested on on all the models and years listed.

  • Q – “Does this product cause any issues / disable any features?”
  • A – No. This product does not cause any issues or disable any features.

  • Q – “Will this void my warranty?”
  • A – No. This product will not void your vehicle warranty 

  • Q – “Will the dealer know I change programming in my vehicle?”
  • A – No. You can simply plug the device back in and revert the changes at any time.

  • Q – “I plugged it in and I don't see any changes - did it work?”
  • A – Yes. You will not see any visible changes. 

Ultra Quick Install Video (installs are all the same for these modules)

Instructions - Download here.

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Mike T (Royersford, PA, US)
Easy peasy

Quick and simple way to flash for new tail lights