DRL Overlays (Amber, Yellow, or Red) - 2023+ Integra

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  • NOTE:  Some people will choose to double layer these vinyls for deeper and darker outputs

2023+ Acura Integra DRL Overlays (Amber, Yellow, Red)

These smoked aka black out sidemarker overlays for the 2023+ Integra

It's a great upgrade if you want to transform the rear end of your vehicle.  Looks great in the light and even better at night.


  1. Amber (Golden Yellow) - Standard amber material.  Made in Germany.
  2. Yellow (Brimstone Yellow) - Standard yellow material.  Made in Germany.


Ideal weather is 75-85 degrees.  If it's really warm, do it in the shade!

Clean the application and surrounding areas prior to applying.  We recommend the following items for installation:

Purchase 3 of the above items in a kit here.

Make sure there is no wax on the lens.  You can wet the back of the vinyl with a few drops of dish soap in a cup of water.  This allows you to slide the vinyl around into the right position.  Once you have found that position, use your fingers to push out the soapy water.  Allow to dry.  LOW heat can be used to dry out the vinyl quicker.

Install Video

Customer Reviews

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Dayton Davis (Brookfield, WI, US)
Red drl tint on aspec integra

If you have been on the fence of doing the red I 10/10 recommend doing it. These were extremely easy to install and I know from other brands that sell them people say it gives off a pinkish tint. These are definitely red enough for me with one set but if one isn’t enough for you ordering a second will definitely give you what your looking for! Couldn’t be more happy to have chose to order from sticker fab as they also had the cheapest prices.

Bobby (Chicago, IL, US)
Amber DRL 2 Layers Installed

These are great! I had the Jet Vinyl before there were available and can confirm that StickerFab's is much more durable, thicker, easier to work with, and a better hue of amber by FAR. I actually ordered 2 more and gave my headlights a DOUBLE overlay which turned out excellently. Looks almost orange when headlights are off and gives a much bolder true amber glow when they are on now. I'm just now seeing that red is an option today - please share pics of what the red overlay looks like with the light on please! I may need to do 1 or 2 layers of this color instead!

Rashawn Smith (Everett, WA, US)
Amazing Quality

Ordered for 24 Acura Integra . Stickers were on point with the size and fitment can’t even tell there ! Thanks !