Printed Series OE Wheel Cap Overlays - 2015+ WRX / 17-18 Forester / 15-21 Legacy / 15-16 Outback

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  • Fits many Subaru vehicles
  • Diameter = 58-59mm / 2.3 in.

Printed Series OEM Wheel Cap Overlays

Customize the look of your OEM wheel caps.  Choose between different colors and potentially designs!  Pick a theme and carry it out across your entire vehicle.

Our printed series decals are completely... Well... Printed!  They are designed on the computer and printed out.  No vinyl hand laid on top of other vinyl.  No layers.  Just the design you want.  

Our printed items are topped with an overlaminate that helps protect against damage to include UV rays.


Almost any relatively flat surfaced Subaru OEM wheel cap with a diameter of 58-59mm / 2.3 in.

Background Colors

When you choose a matte "background" the entire overlay will be matte.  You are actually selecting the appearance of the clear overlaminate which dictates the entire finish of the decal.

Contact Us for More Options

Since these items are printed, we can do a variety of backgrounds and patterns.  Please contact us to discuss other options.  If it is something we think may gain popularity, we will do it!

Additional Notes

This goes OVER your OEM emblem. You cannot be missing your OEM emblem. 


Make sure it is 75-85 degrees.

Please watch our video for all the tips and tricks you need to get the install done.  Be sure to keep a hair dryer or heat gun around especially if it is cold where you are and / or attempting a wet installation.  Wet installations are recommended at a minimum if you do not have a steady hand.

StickerFab application fluid is a great installation tool and we highly recommend it.  You must give these time to dry before driving.

Vehicle specific video coming soon!

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