Topo Side Window Panel Overlays - 2020+ Land Rover Defender 110 / 130

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Defender 110 / 130 Topo Side Window Panel Overlay

We have taken our side window overlay to the next level with these unique topo designs.  Available with lines in a number of colors, we custom made this design and print them here in the Fort Myers, FL.

To ensure they last a long time, we top them in a stealth overlaminate.  This protects the print from abrasions and UV damage.  It also gives it a matte (stealth) finish.

NOTE:  Each set includes BOTH sides.  

Style Option

Colored lines in various colors OR clear lines.  To see the clear lines, your panel must be painted a lighter color than black.  The lines allow the original paint to shine through.


  • Microfiber Towel
  • StickerFab Application Fluid (or soapy water ie 1 drop dish soap per cup of water)
  • Felt Lined Squeegee (supplied)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer 

Clean the application area and immediate surrounding areas with a microfiber and quick dealer (no wax).  Wet the panel and the back of the vinyl with StickerFab application fluid (or soapy water in a pinch).  Align the vinyl with the panel and squeegee out the fluid from the center out.  Allow to dry.  For the larger panel, center the oval around the Land Rover logo.  

Once everything is dry, press the corners and edges down.  You can use heat to make the vinyl stickier and dry everything out faster.  Use LIGHT heat.

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