Japanese Style Grille Pinstripe - 2018-2021 WRX & STI

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Japanese Style Grille Pinstripes

These pinstripes are custom cut to fit the 2018-2020 grille. This DOES NOT include the lower S208 pinstripe (lower) which I sell in another listing.

BEWARE of other sellers selling strips of vinyl that are not contoured to fit the grille properly. It's called a Japanese style pinstripe because the design concept for it started in Japan. This look has been recreated and brought to the us. This material is durable and will last for years. 


Clean the surface of the grille. The novice way to apply this is to wet the back of the vinyl. You can even use a little soap. This will allow you to slide the vinyl around, but will make it harder to stick. You will have to wait until it dries completely to complete a wet installation. A dry installation is possible as well. Start at the side nearest the EMBLEM and slowly work your way to the corner. Repeat for the other side. The material is a little stretchy so if you stretch it you will have to use a credit card or something to wedge the end in. The look will be fine either way. Stretched slightly or perfectly fit.

Customer Reviews

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Looks great

Wanida Galiada (South Burlington, VT, US)
Best sticker!!

Love STI stickers that I ordered. Fast delivery and best customer service

David Bedoy (Yuma, AZ, US)

Japanese Style Grille Pinstripe - 2018-2021 WRX & STI

anne bartron (Arvada, CO, US)
Japanese Style Grille Pinstripe - Looks good!!

Extremely easy install and looks great!! Good quality and is a nice touch to my front end.